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Billboard Advertising

The brands big and small realize that advertising is the power of competition, outdoor advertising, billboard advertising (LED – Billboard) is no longer a separate battle for big companies, many small and medium enterprises also began to choose traditional advertising for brand communication by outdoor billboards. This is a form of advertising that attracts many approaches, diverse audiences and increases the level of recognition and trust of customers with the brand.

Some outdoor advertising design ideas:

Effective LED billboard advertising

Billboard Advertising is an extremely effective branding solution. If compared with other forms of advertising, the billboard outdoor image of the product/ service of the business is always “caught” in the eyes of customers forming a habit, brand awareness day by day doing for customers to remember longer. When a brand becomes familiar with customers, its products/ services are always the first choice.

Outside billboards are large placed on high pillars, airy, visibility from 500m to more than 1km visibility, striking and easily attracting customers when traveling on the road, especially through the intersection while waiting for the red light, it is easier for people to see and interact with the advertisement of the business.

The content on the billboard becomes more prominent and easily creates viral waves (Viral) if combined with a meaningful communication message with impressive design.

Milo vs Ovaltine’s advertising campaign has created a strong viral effect

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