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Google Adwords Services

What is Google Adwords?

This is a commercial service that Google provides to individuals or organizations wishing to promote their products and services. Ads will be displayed in many different positions on the Google search page (depending on the campaign goals or the optimal level of advertising will be displayed in the best position) and pay only when customers click. on the ad form to go to your website.

Quảng cáo tìm kiếm từ khoá

What are the benefits of keyword advertising?

Currently Vietnam has more than 90% of users use Google search engine. In addition, more than 70% of users use the google search engine to find out products and services before making a purchase. Therefore, Google Adwords advertising will bring high efficiency to help businesses increase sales:

  1. Target the right customers.

    Google Adwords only show when customers really need and find the right keywords or related to the brands, products and services that your business offers.

  2. Quick and easy to manage.

    After meeting the approved advertising criteria, the advertisement content for your product or service will appear on the top of the search results page when customers find. In addition, after running ads, you can easily edit, add, delete information, content or add keywords, adjust the budget to suit the campaign in each period.

  3. Low advertising costs but very high efficiency.

    Google Adwords help target potential customers, so the ability to convert orders when running Google Adwords ads greatly increases. Moreover, Google only charges you when customers click on the ad, so that the cost will be much more optimal.

Why hire Google Adwords Advertising Company?

1. Advertising experience

Google ads advertising company often runs for many businesses and many different services, so they get more experience and optimize the ads. Possessing many database / insights of many industries and fields, thus targeting accurately and optimizing conversions.

2. Priority and support 24/24

Agency companies advertising partners of Google often spend a lot of money advertising, so the Agency’s advertising account is the first priority Google support to optimize the campaign and increase the conversion level for the advertising campaign.

Yeads is an Advertising Partner of Google Adwords in Vietnam, with many years of experience in Google Ads Advertising for businesses and many different fields. We are committed to bringing businesses effective advertising campaigns, professional work – prestige, consulting the most effective advertising solutions for businesses and transparency of advertising accounts. 24/7 support, Contact Us Now!