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Seeding Service

The internet is growing very strongly, the number of online people online on social networks or forums is increasing. Therefore, the number of people looking for information on information pages, forums, social networks … is increasing, therefore, seeding Facebook groups, forums, information pages… gradually becomes an important tool to help customers find. products/ services of the business and objective assessments make customers more confident in the products and services of the business. Marketing activities are also more effective.

Seeding Process

In order to perform a successful seeding campaign, we will identify the right customers for your products and services, then filter out the Group, Forum with potential customers and proceed to seeding plan:

  1. Seeding type of discussion: Seeding makers will bring up the issue of discussing a product/ service and attract other users to comment on their personal views. The seeding person then cleverly suggests comments on the products/ services of the business.
  2. Seeding form of Q&A: Seeding makers create questions to answer customers’ questions about products/ services of the business. As well as attract attention and curiosity to others in the group.
  3. Seeding sharing: A person who is seeding will play the role of someone who has used a product or service and shared experiences based on their views to other people in the group. At the same time, calling for other members who are in need of using that product/ service

Seeding Group Facebook Services, Seeding Forum, Information pages … are always well prepared by YEADS, meticulously planned to help customers have a successful seeding campaign unexpectedly. Contact YEADS immediately for a free consultation