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KOLs Booking

What is KOL?

KOL is an abbreviation of Key Opinions Leader, which means people who have a lot of influence in the online community, or are invited to participate in media events and campaigns to create spillover on the community. In addition, this group is not only famous on social networks but also on other channels such as newspapers, television, … Therefore, brands also enhance booking KOLs to promote brands and products. The product spread to more potential customers thanks to the influence of KOL.

Why Should Booking KOLs?

  • themselves influencer of KOLs will create spillover for products and services
  • Increasing the level of customer confidence in the products and services of the business
  • Stimulate customers to actively search and use products of businesses
  • Evaluate well and objectively about your products and services
  • Your brand, product/ service will reach more customers, the unlimited coverage of time and space unlimited

Contact YEADS now to get advice on choosing the right KOLs and Influencers to suit your product/ service, because we know the Insight of each customer group.