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Mobile Advertising

Why advertise on mobile phones?

Statistics show that Vietnam now has more than 60% of the population using smartphones and connected to the Internet. This ratio shows that Vietnam is ranked quite high in Asia and the world. Therefore, advertising on mobile phones is becoming an inevitable trend.

Advertising on mobile phones (Mobile Ads) has many different formats such as text, banner or video, etc. Ads are diverse in size, showing many different positions on websites, applications, games for mobile users.

The major advertising platforms in the world can be optimized specifically for mobile devices such as Google search, Google Display Network, facebook …

Advantages when advertising on mobile phones

  • Targeting target customers easily
  • Measurement efficiency is easy and highly accurate
  • Advertising can reach the right target customers anytime, anywhere
  • Add, delete, edit content or adjust budgets easily
  • Relatively low advertising costs, the ability to cover a broad message, increase the level of brand awareness

Mobile advertising easily stimulates consumers to take action such as: click on view, purchase, register for an account, download the application … As soon as they see the advertisement, in addition, customers often tend to directions to remember and search for branding keywords later on mobile devices. This is much more convenient and effective than some other types of advertising

YEADS always wants to bring customers/ partners the best, so propose the best advertising channels and advertising messages to help customers increase sales.