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Shopping Mall Advertising

Shopping mall Advertising is very much interested by many businesses, especially retail businesses, because advertising in the shopping center will help businesses reach the right audience. There is a need for on-site shopping and a significant increase in sales.

1. What is shopping mall advertising?

The trade center is a business complex of many different fields and industries operating together such as: consumer goods, shopping, entertainment … for all ages, especially young people and families.

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Therefore, various forms of advertising in shopping centers are born to serve businesses that want to reach potential customers who come here to shop every day. The forms of advertising at the Trade Center are also developing in terms of the type and position of advertising … Regular advertising booking businesses also have stores and booths operating in the commercial center.

The most commonly chosen locations by businesses are: doors, lobby areas, walkways, escalators, elevators … are places with a lot of people passing by.

2. Forms of shopping malladvertising

1. Led screen advertising:

Led display advertising form includes both indoor and outdoor Led screens. Most commercial centers have installed modern and professional advertising screen systems. Large Led screens are usually placed in the passage hall (indoors) or clad in the facade of that commercial center (outdoor).

2. Advertising Lcd screen, Frame:

Type of advertising LCD, Frame with compact size will usually be placed in the aisle area, inside and outside the elevator to play TVC clips, advertising images, attracting the attention of passersby. in this area, waiting for an elevator or in an elevator.

3. Advertising lightbox:

This is a form of advertising with a metal frame and covered with canvas printed with advertising maquette, with a lighting system to highlight the advertising content. Light box can be installed in many different positions at the same time to increase display density.

4. Event, activation:

Is a form of activity to attract customers interested in products/ brands of the business preparing to launch. Events will be held in a spacious area such as the main hall, which can be observed from different directions of the Shopping Center. The event often includes interactive activities with consumers, giving sampling gifts, organizing games to experience products, music performances, mini-games …

5. Escalator advertising:

The escalator is the main means for customers to move between floors in the shopping mall, the turn of people passing through this area is often quite crowded, so the two sides of the ladder can be used to stick decal printed with advertising maquette, standing on a ladder or moving below can also be observed easily.

6. Advertising sea drop ceiling:

Most high-rise shopping centers apply the form of ceiling-mounted advertising, maquette will be printed on the canvas and hung from the ceiling down in the middle of the main hall. Thus, customers can clearly observe the content even in any area in the shopping mall.

shopping mall advertising

3. Evaluate the communication effectiveness of shopping mall advertising

Shopping malls are an extremely ideal place to launch advertising campaigns, because the brand/ product image will surely reach a huge number of viewers when they come and go every day, especially on weekends and public holidays, the crowded situation here is frequent.

Moreover, customers who come here have a shopping mentality, so advertising here helps businesses increase sales significantly. With a very large area of ​​the Trade Center, businesses can book ads at many different positions at the same time to increase the coverage of the brand. This helps businesses’ ads reach more people or view them many times, helping them remember the brand/ product better.

Shopping mall Advertising can reach viewers more effectively, businesses should pay attention to choosing the right form and designing maquette content so that it is unique and attractive to make a good impression. Each type of advertising at the Trade Center will have different quotes, so it is necessary to allocate the budget so that it is reasonable and still has good efficiency.

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