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Seeding Service

What is Seeding Service?

Seeding is a post that creates a purposeful conversation, exchange, comment on a specific product or service with the aim of creating trust, brand/product spillover effect. to customers who are really in need and potential customers.

Why did Seeding become so popular? Based on user behavior, usually, when you want to buy a product or experience a certain service, the first thing you do is search for information on Facebook, Google or other search engines. Through posts appearing on groups, fan pages, forums… To get accurate information (in your opinion), you often choose to read user comments before and after using the product, This can determine up to 90% of the chance that customers will buy and trust the product or not.

Seeding Facebook - Hiệu Ứng Đám Đông Không Đi Sau Thời Đại
Seeding Group Facebook 

Seeding was almost born like that, it can be affirmed that this is a form of PR with investment on social networks.

Seeding Service

You may not know, the Seeding Service has been around for a long time and the form is no longer strange to anyone. You can easily recognize seeding in all aspects of the market such as: Hiring someone to review delicious dishes at a restaurant, eatery or simply a compliment of this person about a certain product and they are Talk about trusting the other person. Any form of seeding is generally understood as a method of promoting certain products/services in a methodical manner, with a clear process!

Therefore, seeding Facebook groups, forums, information pages … gradually become an important tool to help customers find products of the business and objective reviews make customers more confident in products and services of the enterprise. Marketing activities are also more effective.

Seeding Process

Is seeding necessary?

When combining advertising and seeding campaigns, it will bring unexpected double effects. The seeding service will help customers approach products/services in the most natural way, creating a crowd effect to attract many potential customers to interact. In addition, seeding also helps customers see objective reviews from other users, thereby increasing their confidence in the product/service and coming to a purchase decision.

Seeding Group Facebook experience brings high efficiency

Seeding Group Facebook is no stranger, but to create trust with customers, you must have a suitable seeding strategy or script. Yeads professional seeding service often deploys for partners to bring the highest efficiency:

Seeding in the most natural way:

The most effective way is to seeding like not seeding and how to have the most natural feeling, like you have experienced that product or service. Please use a variety of tones and languages ​​and feel that you are a real customer, put yourself in the situation and psychology of the buyer to have the most focused seeding sentences!

Seeding by phone number or gmail address (if need data for sales):

You can also create different phone numbers yourself or use the hotline number of your business.

Seeding Facebook - Hiệu Ứng Đám Đông Không Đi Sau Thời Đại
Seeding Facebook

Ask questions or problems:

For Seeding to be the most natural, you should not only focus on answering questions, creating positive effects, but seeding with questions and inquiries about services or products, but should give general questions, arouse customers’ curiosity and hit the psychology of wanting to buy to experience.

Do not abuse the tool:

To support faster and easier, there are now quite a few tools for this job. However, Facebook is currently changing its algorithm, being strict in censorship, and your use of the tool is vulnerable to spam. Therefore, Yeads never uses the tool for seeding, but deploys it entirely manually to bring the best results and avoid risks such as being banned account.

Positive feedback:

Certainly, when learning about products/services to purchase, customers always want it to be a good product. Therefore, let’s create positive scenarios by investing in real images, customer reviews before and after use. However, be clever in the words and images shared, do not let customers know you are seeding.

Types of Services Seeding Group Facebook/ Forum

In order to perform a successful seeding campaign, we will identify the right customers for your products and services, then filter out the Group, Forum with potential customers and proceed to seeding plan:

  1. Seeding type of discussion: Seeding makers will bring up the issue of discussing a product/ service and attract other users to comment on their personal views. The seeding person then cleverly suggests comments on the products/ services of the business.
  2. Seeding form of Q&A: Seeding makers create questions to answer customers’ questions about products/ services of the business. As well as attract attention and curiosity to others in the group.
  3. Seeding sharing: A person who is seeding will play the role of someone who has used a product or service and shared experiences based on their views to other people in the group. At the same time, calling for other members who are in need of using that product/ service

Seeding is not too difficult, it plays an extremely important role in creating trust, causing waves and spreading brand awareness for products/services in the most genuine way, but in order to deploy a campaign. Successful seeding requires you to have a lot of experience and strategic thinking in seeding to bring the best results.

Seeding Group Facebook Services, Seeding Forum, Information pages … Always carefully prepared, planned and scripted by YEADS to help customers have a successful seeding campaign beyond expectations. Contact YEADS now for a free consultation