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What is IMC?

IMC – Short for Integrated Marketing Communications, is an integrated communication model (multimedia / holistic communication). Simply put, this is a form of multi-channels that combine closely and support each other to effectively convey messages and goals about products and services that businesses want potential customers to know most widely.

Today, Integrated Marketing (IMC) is quite familiar with businesses small and medium, to famous brands in the world. Because IMC is the way businesses use to create brand awareness in the minds of customers from the most basic things such as name, price, packaging, advertising approach, distribution channel, etc. Therefore, it can be said that Integrated Marketing service is a mandatory element that businesses should invest in.

Dịch Vụ Marketing IMC

Why should you use Integrates Marketing Services?

According to the annual Consumer Insights Report provided by E-tailing Group: “Currently, 72% of users expect more Integrates Marketing instead of having to access individual information” – This proves, Integrates Marketing It is not only the right strategy for businesses, but it is also a way of marketing that is loved by users. However, do you really understand why your business should have an (IMC) campaign?

Brand Awareness

According to a survey by Gartner Research: “If an integrated marketing campaign has 4 or more marketing channels, it will be 300% more effective than deploying on 1-2 separate channels

Combining all marketing channels in an Integrates Marketing campaign will help your brand have coverage, appear anywhere in the market, take advantage of all reach platforms, this will increase the level of exposure. Brand identity, at this time your products/services will become closer in the eyes of consumers, this is the factor that creates the success of a campaign.

Build Customer Trust

For a new business, you may still wonder if Integrates Marketing really works? Right now, you can completely remove that doubt. Because, instead of small ads, the number of other visitors is very low, on the contrary, if businesses know how to deploy messages in communication campaigns consistently, combine all channels, the brand’s coverage in the market will become larger and larger, the effectiveness of the campaign will meet expectations, specifically the level of customer trust will increase, no longer doubting the product/ services as well as the brand.

Saving Finance and Human Resources

If only advertising is small, it will cost you money and manpower for each stage, but the effect is not high, so why don’t you try to focus on an IMC Marketing campaign? Synchronizing and deploying on multiple advertising channels will take advantage of the advantages of each platform, and at the same time, consistent combination of campaigns between channels will not take up too much management manpower, which will help businesses save money.

In particular, Integrates Marketing Services also have the advantage of helping businesses approach a variety of potential customers, making a difference compared to competitors, contributing to boosting sales.

Connecting Internal Teamworks

In an Integrates Marketing Campaign, all departments will work together and aim to synchronize and unify each stage in order to best convey the message of products and services to potential customers. This will help employees in each department have the opportunity to work together, creating a close relationship, connecting the spirit of internal solidarity in an enterprise. This is the dream of many businesses.

Reasons to hire an Itegrates Marketing Service Agency!

In particular, the Integrates Marketing service from Yeads will help your business achieve unexpected results!

Increase Sales

Integrates Marketing services aim at specific goals, helping businesses increase sales and profits.

Save Time & Manpower

Businesses only need to focus on consulting, sales and distribution, finding and approaching potential customers has been deployed by Yeads.

Overall Marketing Plan

Yeads will build an overall campaign, including combining all channels and deploying synchronously in 3 – 6 – 12 months (Depending on business requirements).

Implementation and Effectiveness

With the system and professional Marketing team available, Yeads will deploy and bring unexpected results.

Measure & Optimize

Throughout the implementation of Integrates Marketing services, Yeads will regularly measure, test and optimize the campaign to bring the best results.

IMC Marketing Services

Yeads is currently a multi-channel advertising partner in Vietnam, with many years of experience in Integrates Marketing services for large and small businesses and many different business fields. We are committed to bringing businesses the most effective overall campaigns. Yeads works based on the sense of responsibility – professionalism – prestige, consulting the most effective solution for businesses and transparent about costs in each campaign. 24/7 support, CONTACT NOW!