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SEO Services

SEO Services

Advertising plays a very important role in the development of businesses, helping businesses reach more customers to increase sales and profits. One of the online advertising channels with low cost but high efficiency and long term that businesses cannot ignore in their development strategy is SEO. Most businesses large and small invest in SEO to attract potential customers who are searching for keywords about their products and services on Google with SEO Services

Should you build your own team or hire SEO service?

For large companies with rich budget, they are divided into many divisions and each department has its own leader so they build a powerful SEO Web team. The aim is to push all keywords related to the product / service to the top and more importantly, always on top of the competition. This team has at least 10 or more people, including: Leader, Content, Designer, Dev, PR, Social, SEOer …

SEO Services Package

Small companies or startups also want to build their own SEO team, but the budget is limited so this team usually only has 2 to 3 people and is controlled directly from the company director. The Director will be busy with a lot of different things, and also do not know all the SEO techniques, so he cannot orient and optimize this team, so he will disband after only a few months. Money lost but the results do not see the top, the best solution is to hire SEO service companies. SEO companies often have human resources available to the system to do SEO so businesses do not need to wait too long to see SEO results. The most important thing is to only care about the results when the keyword is on top payment, not on top does have the right to cancel the contract and refund, avoid the risk of losing money without seeing results.

Website SEO service process at Yeads

1. Analysis, test and Evaluation

  • Check, analyze and evaluate the overall website.
  • Research keyword sets based on products/services and user search behavior
  • From the keyword set to analyze competitors (keywords, articles, backlinks, Entity, resources…).
  • Create content, distribute keywords on the website.
  • Review, test and re-evaluate the content.

2. Overall Website Optimization

  • Website Audit
  • Optimizing the website based on google’s criteria and recommendations
  • Suggest for code team or Yeads will support website Audit

3. Onpage optimization

  • Update content for website
  • Optimize article, Title, Description, Image, Alt…
  • Add Heading tags for websites, Articles…
  • Proceed to create internal links (Internal Link)

4. Off-page SEO

  • Building a satellite site system to create a solid foundation for the website
  • Build a Social system to create brand coverage and increase traffic from social
  • Create an account to build a profile link system for the website
  • Building a quality backlink system for the website
  • Buy PR articles in newspapers to pull backlinks from reputable newspaper sites

5. Project progress tracking and reporting

  • Monitor, analyze and audit the website from time to time to continuously improve keyword rankings.
  • Consulting solutions for sustainable website development.
  • Regular progress reports…

So what is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.

SEO is collections of optimization website methods with search engines to improve the website’s ranking on the rankings of search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, Coc Coc, …

SEO Services
SEO Services

1. SEO Keywords

SEO keywords is SEO words and phrases about products / services that exist on the website, expressed through the content that contains words and keyword phrases about that product or service. This is a very important link in the set of website optimization methods with search engines (Search Engine Optimization) to help users find your page through search engines such as Google, Bing, Coc Coc. …

2. SEO voice search

In the era of rapidly growing smartphones, the next trend is SEO voice search. For many reasons such as: handy, busy, lazy to type … More and more users prefer the voice search feature to their search bar, even though they use voice-activated virtual assistants on their computers. desk or use a smartphone. SEO experts have found that voice search yields different results from search keywords. Thus the year 2021 will explode the trend of voice search and YEADS is SEO voice search company the leading in Vietnam.

3. SEO Image

Thanks to Google Lens – Google’s groundbreaking image recognition AI algorithm – keyword search engine marketing is shifting to image and video domains. Google Image Search is just the beginning. Users can now import images into Google to get a variety of contexts. You can even take a photo of any plant and enter an image to find information about that plant … Search for an image for another traffic for marketers to take advantage of brand insertion. image to increase brand awareness and traffic to the website.

SEO hình ảnh

4. SEO Google Maps

SEO Google Map, also known as SEO Local is a collection of methods to optimize Maps of the business, increasing the visibility of the location / location of the business on Google Maps.

SEO Google Maps
SEO Google Maps

In addition to many other SEO services, please contact YEADS for more advice…

Benefits of SEO for businesses

  • Website optimization and friendly with search engine

  • Increase traffic from potential customers looking for products and services of the business

  • Increase sales and promote brands

  • Reasonable investment cost, relatively lower than other channels

  • Choosing SEO Services is a competitive advantage of the business with competitors and sustainable brand development.

YEADS has many years of experience in SEO so you can feel secure when choosing YEADS SEO for your products and services. Contact now for advice quickly and accurately