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Taxi Advertising

Taxi Ads

Taxi ads is a vehicle advertisement, a form of advertising by decal stickers advertising products/ services and brands, with good media messages, or attractive promotions on the body, on the windshield … or any other form of advertising without violating the advertising laws and the road traffic law.

UNIQLO Dong Khoi Opening

While advertising Pano, Billboard stood still and can only wait for passersby to see the ad. Advertising on the taxi is the opposite, mobile taxis operate within a large area and are not limited to the same routes as buses, besides taxis can be parked right in front of high-rise buildings, Shopping Centers, Hotels, Airports. … focus on AB customers. The taxi’s operating time is 24/7, the distance of the day is up to 200km, so that the more accessible to traffic users will be exposed to ads with greater frequency and longer.

The effectiveness of taxi ads

  • Large advertising area

  • Frequency is continuous

  • Cheap advertising costs

  • Diverse advertisement forms to choose from

  • Diversified taxi supply from many firms

Why should we choose our taxi ads service?

  • Overall consulting effective advertising campaign

  • Construction of advertising quickly and on time

  • Partner network spread across 63 provinces

  • Quotation advertising many incentives and discounts

  • Reputable warranty throughout the campaign

Yeads provides all types of advertising on traditional taxis and technology taxis. Immediately contact Yeads for advice on effective taxi ads at competitive prices