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Banner Advertising

What is banner advertising?

Banner advertising is an online advertisement on Websites, Internet Newspaper pages … to introduce messages, images, videos, text … about products and services of enterprises to customers. When customers see and care, the customer will click on the banner ad, through the link will lead customers to the website of the business with full information about products and services that customers are interested in.

Forms of banner advertising

There are 3 popular forms of banner ads: traditional advertising, GDN (Google Display Network) and pop-up Ads.

1. Traditional banner ads:

are the most popular form of the banner ads. This type of advertising is chosen by many people because of its fast loading time, easy design, and easy to insert into websites. Traditional banner ads are in rectangular form, containing short advertising messages including text and images (gif, jpeg, flash) that can link to a page or many other websites.

2. GDN Advertising (Google Display Network):

is an ad network displaying banners on websites of Google’s partner program called Google Adsense. Can create ads targeting the audience according to the advertising campaign that businesses want to target

3. Pop-up ads (pop-up):

ads in this form will pop up a web window when customers visit the website or when clicking on a link on the web.

Why is the use of banners so important in business advertising?

  1. Banner advertising cost is quite cheap.
  2. Ability to reach large potential customers.
  3. Measure advertising effectiveness easily.
  4. Business banner ads only need to pay a low fee, but the effect is quite high.
  5. Repeated impressions to customers who clicked on a product or service conveys more messages and is more eye-catching than engaging customer interaction with a higher level of interaction

Yeads has a young and enthusiastic creative team, implementing effective and professional forms of banner advertising such as:
Fixed banners on websites with a high number of top users in Vietnam such as Vnexpress, Zing, Dantri, … with all forms of banners such as JPEG, flash, video, top-up, … displayed well on all devices such as computers, phones, tablets.

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