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Facebook Ads Services

What is Facebook Ads?

Facebook Ads is Facebook’s advertising service for individuals, businesses or organizations who want to promote their photos, videos of products/ services or brands to customers on Facebook, so this social network offers many features to help you run Facebook Ads to reach customers easily.

Why Should Advertise Facebook?

According to statistics in 2018, Vietnam now has about 60 million Facebook accounts, which is one of the countries with the fastest growth of Facebook users.

Based on the information Facebook published statistics in 2018, on the Facebook Messenger messaging app, Vietnam is one of the countries with the most photos/ videos uploaded in the world. The average time to use Facebook is 2.5 hours a day, sometimes up to 7 hours a day. Therefore, FACEBOOK Ads is one of the most effective forms of advertising because it can target users’ behaviors, interests, age, gender,… especially when using retargeting functions

YEADS offers all forms of advertising such as:

  • Video Advertising
  • Message advertising
  • Ads increase like page
  • Ads increase article interaction
  • Advertising click to website
  • Canvas advertisement
  • Ads download and install App
  • Advertise to search potential customers (leads form)
  • Operating and managing fan page
  • Viral advertising on hot profiles, KOL
  • Viral advertising on the famous fan page
  • Combined with other forms to use Facebook as a re-targeting tool

Yeads is an advertising partner of Facebook in Vietnam, having many years of experience of Facebook Ads for businesses and many different fields. We are committed to bringing businesses effective advertising campaigns, professional work – prestige, consulting the most effective advertising solutions for businesses and transparency of advertising accounts. 24/7 support, Contact Us Now!